Christmas Hamper Joy

17th January 2017

From time to time we receive lovely emails, letters and texts from customers expressing their thanks. We thought we would share this one as an encouragement to all those who donated at Christmas.


I just want to thank you for your kind food donations at Christmas for helping my family get through that Christmas by providing us with everything that we needed for us to feed our 3 children. The health visitor got us bags of food for Christmas and I couldn’t believe how kind and generous you were and how our whole Christmas was provided for. We couldn’t have done without the Food Bank that year, you do such a worth while job helping those in desperate need of food.
Thank you so much. I would love to help and donate some food, to give back what you gave us, and enable me to help others in need.

This is just one story from over 300 hampers. Thanks for everyone who donated time, food and effort.

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